On every Eid-ul- Adha it’s a must for the juicy & tender beef & mutton Barbecue parties. Obviously, it provides a fantastic time along all family members. Such gatherings of friends & make the most memorable & health recreational moments the sizzling sounds of barbecued meat on these special holidays are just so wonderful, so revive & clean your all old barbecue kits, to make the most on this Eid.

Have a barbecue as you need:
Barbecue can be done in one way that is direct heating
Direct where the meat is contact with the meat.
Properly built barbeque stands or self-made (angeetees) can do the trick,
with charcoals, kerosene oil, for burning, this all can be collectively done and it pursues with long discussions.

Combining meat preparatory efforts:
Selecting the meat as mutton & beef have different taste & grilling requirements of the meat with different spices from diverse recipes to spicy ingredients grilling of any meat till the finishing is an event that offers joy & celebrations.

Mutton Marinate :In most common way mutton is marinate for 8 hours in best interest.
Beef Marinate: it is best suggested to marinate beef for 24 hours or more.

Often a papaya paste is added 2 – 3 hours before you decide to barbecue for better results.

Direct way of BBQ meat.
For Beef
• Steaks. A fullest juicy & tender meat affair that is remains at the top.
• Kababs. Meat mince that can have loads of spices & sizes.
• Tikka boti: Small tender shots of the tender marinated meat.
For Lamb/Mutton
• Steaks. Mostly a better steak is made by beef meat but still mutton steak can offer the fullest.
• Kababs. Meat mince with extensive flavorings along several spices & sizes.
• Tikka boti: Tender small shots heavily marinated meat.
• Ribs : chopped ribs of the lamb with spicy or moderate taste.

An amazing room for the delivering different options for any barbecue are quite there, the fun & joy is embedded in the idea of any barbecue.

After all we suggest that enjoy the your best moments with friends & families on this Eid-ul-Adha, Having said this do not forget to be responsible enough as COVID-19 is still in the walk staying safe & healthy is a must & do ensure to practice a valid social distancing while every gathering is in our hands.

In the End, don’t not forget to be amazing cherishing with all who are deprived as EID-ul Adha prime most massage is to share and care at your optimum.