Imagine this; you are standing outside your local bank, eagerly awaiting alongside dozens more (either in a queue or a scattered formation) to complete a task that helps you maintain one of the fundamental utilities running in your own home.
Did I say ‘eagerly’? I meant ‘reluctantly’.
Let’s be honest, as soon as that deadline is announced we all either postpone that task until the last possible moment or put aside any other duty you’re currently engaged with and quickly perform that goal. Unfortunately, BOTH require you to not only find a financial institution who can accept the service provider you’re trying to pay, you’re not the only person going through this issue.
Thankfully, we now live in an age where almost everything in life is accessible right on our fingertips. Yes, this includes bill payments!
The ability to pay bills online in Pakistan is beneficial in many ways; because this eliminates the need to travel to another location(s), it cuts down on time-consumption, petrol usage and minimizes human interaction. As a plus, using online bank services allow to document any transaction you make without any additional charge. Combined with reduced paper consumption and near-instantaneous completion of this task, the advantages of online payments outweigh the disadvantages.
Paying any bill online is a simple task but interacting the online service can be tricky to the untrained eye. Below is an easy to follow guide for residents of Lahore that can assist you in using either any mobile bank app or the JazzCash digital wallet app.
In Lahore, these three companies are responsible for providing landowners and other proprietors with their respective utilities; Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) for electricity, Sui Northern Gas Piplines Limited (SNGPL) for gas and Water And Sanitation Agency (WASA) for water and sewage. The websites for these companies already assist in searching for their respective electronic bill. Alternatively, you can easily find dedicated mobile apps that help search for your bills on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store but we have provided you a summarized tutorial on how to look for them below.
(We assume that you already know your ‘reference’ or ‘consumer’ number for these services. Otherwise, you can find them on your printed copy of these respective services)
The process to obtain your LESCO e-bill is quite simple. By clicking this link, you will find yourself with some blank spaces and a drop-down box. Just enter your credentials, click the ‘View / Download Bill’ button and you’re good to go!

In the dedicated SNGPL website, you will find a row of drop-down tabs. Under the ‘Customers’ tab, you will find the ‘Consumer Bill’ option. Clicking this will take you to a brand new page with two dedicated sections, one for domestic users and another for industrial consumers. Just enter your credentials in the blank ‘Consumer Number’ field, click the ‘Submit’ button situated directly below and you’re all set!

By clicking this link, you are presented with a plain page with a blank field in the middle. Just enter your account number in this box, press the ‘Submit’ button directly below and you’re presented with your bill!

You have received your utility bills online. With the information in your possession, you can now proceed to the next step of paying for them. This can be achieved either through a website or a mobile app. Fortunately, all major banks in Pakistan (such as HBL, Meezan and Askari) allow you to take advantage of these portals. Simply search for their website or mobile app, log in with your account credentials attached to their banking services (provided you have made one in the past), search for the dedicated section for bill payments, put in the e-bill details and pay the required amount.
Digital wallets like JazzCash and Easypaisa also allow you to proceed with online bill payments, among other financial services. The steps to use such apps are similar to what is written above, barring some differences.
This brings an end to our guide on how to pay for your utilities online. Be sure to follow our other outlets to remain up-to-date on our features, future announcements and more!