A home is what every independent person wishes to make for his/her families, to give them a secure shelter, most of us save each penny to make one decent home.
It is easier to buy a finished home rather than combining all efforts & start constructing your dream home from the scratch, It’s an affair that one can do once in a lifetime for middle class. Open real estate market offers 5 marla houses but they are not customized & the buyer do not have the room for his/her preference or likability. Another drawback buying a home already made is they are likely to be costlier than self-financed customized house. All of this adds indulgence to why, & how much rewarding is this experience. Now Sarfraz Hamid properties team brings your extremely simple ways to build a 5 marla home along with simple constructional breakdown in an easy way.

Now here are the details for construction of 5 marla home in Pakistan:

All you need to ensure initially is the quality of construction supplies that will be used in parallel to the quantity of each material. Moving ahead with a deep look thorough analysis of cost-based for 5 marla home.

In the most prominent & feasible fashion a 5 marla home covered area for a double-story is 1,925 sq ft. Where each floor plan & design is mostly in line almost matched & each floor is accommodating area of 875 per sq ft. Kitchens (2) & Bedrooms (3) by max along with attached baths. Limited Tiles for flooring for the living area & marble only for kitchen shelves only.

  • Laying the grey structure
  • Finishing the home.

On a glance: Grey structure cost comparison for 5 marla home
The overall cost comprises of in the range PKR 2,682,250 approx.
This is most important & crucial part of building your home, as per the current labor rate which is PKR 375 per sq ft, a complete cost can be settled in PKR, 721,875. for 5 marla.

A decent quality of bricks at PKR 11.5 per brick, most quality of bricks, which is available at PKR 14.5 per unit. The difference in the cost is a significant one – PKR 150,000 The cost incurred on sand, crush and rori all remain the same.

Cement is one of the most important construction materials
differences in the rates for cement, kassu and rebar for PKR 624, 875 is what you’ll need on average for all the above-mentioned items for both categories

PKR 145,000 is required to install plumbing and electrical systems in the house.

PKR 66,000 is spent on installing safety grills PKR 57,000 it. Several options are available in the market. PKR 95,000 is reserved for installing the main gate. On the contrary, only PKR 60,000 are required for an A category unit.

Termite spray and the construction of an overhead tank, i.e. PKR 31,500 are the same for both categories.
In a nutshell: A comparison of the construction cost of the grey structure of an A category and A+ category 5 marla house shows that you need PKR 194,000

Check out the finishing cost 5 marla unit in PKR 2,465,550, you would need a huge budget– approximately PKR 3,874,950. Let us take a look at the breakdown of the construction cost.

People constructing a double-unit 5 marla house usually go for tiles. Around PKR 316,000 is required to construct the flooring of the house at the rate of PKR 2,000 excluding garage, terrace & bathroom tiles. A higher budget of PKR 395,000 on construction the floor of the bathrooms, reserve a budget of PKR 65,000 spend a higher sum of PKR 162,500. Tiles in terrace, – PKR 27,000, PKR 33,000 and PKR 75,000 respectively.

Expensive chandelier, show lights & lamps that illuminate the spaces, this slot can cost up-to PKR 165,000. But possible a decent set of lights and chandelier in a PKR 110,000 package. Fans do flare up the bit costly for PKR 68,000, while PKR 60,500 switch boards are used for PKR 850 per board, 15 Metalized switchboards are used that cost around PKR 1,500 per unit. superior quality of power plugs is used at the cost of PKR 900 per unit, while PKR 475 per unit is charged for the plugs.

Accessories that include kitchen hood, sink, vanity set, commode, bath hangings and bath set at PKR 294,000 estimated. Contrary to this, well-groomed modern, fancy kitchen is set up in a cost of PKR 350,000 per kitchen. As 5 marla home has 2 kitchens in double story, keeping this in view an amount of PKR 700,000 must be in view. Quality & refine chooses in bathroom fixtures go higher in prices as an example wall-mounted Grohe commode can cost PKR 35,000. A vanity cabin can cost you PKR 60,000. Roughly, 368,500 is spent in the bathroom fixtures and accessories.

The paint job should ideally be done in the end
The first part is of the paint job on walls inside the house & second phase is the exterior part. Ideally paint job must be done ideally after installation of switchboards & light fixtures. It is tougher & careful application base coat on the newly built home. therefore, approx. PKR 350,000 while PKR 300,000 moreover around PKR 30,000 & 107,250 on rock wall can work for false ceiling as well.

Aluminum & glass work in a homes is very important for windows and its frames, wire mesh along with glass panes. Aluminum work cost around is approx. PKR 175,000 all mirrors can cost up-to PKR 20,000. For staircase, railings a cost of PKR 65, 000.PKR 325,000 must be spent on windows alone, while the mirrors cost you PKR 50,000. Installation of railings cost PKR 80,000.

Wood work in any home looks & feels catchy, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, doors, bathroom cabinets and decorative racks in the living room and drawing-room. Rates vary from vendor to vendor, better is to get the required wood and hire a carpenter to make them as per your needs & customization. Options for one semi-solid wooden door with rest of the doors can be done by Malaysian plywood. It would cost you PKR 135,000. Estimated a budget of PKR 150,000 for wardrobes and 50,000 for the LCD rack can be kept aside.

PKR 135,000 is required to install CCTV cameras, fancy remote-controlled gate and wallpaper.