At a corner of DHA Phase 6 Sector A, just between DHA Office and Nawaz Sharif Interchange, lies a brand-new piece of architecture that is sure to pique your interest. Dolmen Mall is making its debut in the wonderful city of Lahore by officially establishing its fourth outlet in the aforementioned location. At the time of this writing, the entire mall covers 75k sq. meters and is currently under construction, but it already has its fair share of investors and prospects. The luxurious shopping center Dolmen Mall is expected to be constructed with iconic Islamic architecture with a modern, geometrical flair, designed by Chapman Taylor for the Dolmen Group.

Dolmen Mall is actually a chain of shopping malls all owned and operated by the parent company of Dolmen Group and originating from Karachi from 1984. It is advertised as Pakistan’s First International Standard Shopping Mall, for which you can find out more details here. Dolmen Mall is just like any other mall, just like Emporium and Packages Mall. However, its pedigree and variety is what makes it difference; Dolmen Mall is known for being a backdrop in various TV shows and Pakistani films, as THE location where the fictional characters are known to frequent, shop and socialize. The other three original outlets, listed in order of their opening year, are located in Tariq Road (2000), Hyderi (2008) and Clifton (2011). The Lahore branch commenced construction in February 2020 and is expected to be complete in August 2021.

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