Businesses in all of its totality, every enterprise is envisioned, visualized, drafted & the crafted by the employees working in it, making it very clear that employees are a prime most asset in your business & will remain to be till the next decade. Leaders CEO, & investors in this current populous world today have to align themselves to this evolving phenomenon or else there is no way that any business could sustain & win. Forget the randomness of any New normal, employee first has made the businesses to become mighty & sustaining from last few decades now. Practising empathy is the only way one can surround to successful people & additionally this unanimously triggers the winning combinations of teams that are ready for hot & cold among any businesses.


Let’s seek in an enterprise founded in 1999, from the first year till now uncompromised set of values & rules were cultivated and developed in this enterprise now for 21 years 3 CEO, & 5 Senior Directors being changed, the enterprise comes at world 3rd in-home accessories & furnishings by the following employee first attributes profitability’s & emphasis on the people we are working with can & must go parallel. It is a proven fact now even the SME, s has to opt certain goals as the higher an enterprise will live up to these levels the higher & stronger will be the results emphasis on both is inevitable.

50 years back it was all capitalism businesses had the burden of making insane profits after reaching a certain point, to make more money every enterprise started to gather the bigger data & than that data was turned into statistics & stats into forecasting & pattern manifestation this all was to grasp & evolve intercontinental & global revenues now 3 decades back the stats indicated consumers retention, reputation & repetitive loyalties all are residing in the heart of a joyful & dedicated employee who is valued more paid well & is all ways engaged, moreover many scientific studies also showed that warm & healthy relationship do always ensure a smooth business transaction’s between serving & receiving end. Empathy doesn’t mean that you neglect the performance or KPI of any employee. It is the other way around it enhances solutions & it takes over the obstacles that stop employees to achieve what they are expected to achieve.


Our conscious is designed to put our own being prime while doing so an individual can experience to use vinegar (bitterness) as this self-obsession will definitely isolate & propagate negativity in your being now to tackle & avoid this believing in your team & opting the use of honey (sweetness) can make you win anything as such attribute prevail positivity thus you allow yourself to be surrounded by gratitude & a zeal to overcome every odd. So, keep using honey over vinegar.


For a moment if you assume a world that is great you will find two things bouncing on the ground competition & kindness to be on the same verge, See today everyone is battling for the best this is certainly healthy but becoming best by opting ruthlessness will lead you to become the winner but that this win will make you stand alone and the applause for your win will be worthless accomplishment & less cherished whereas, if you win by compassion & kindness for your fellow competitors your win will be celebrated by much more & it will celebrate more. Ensure prime competition but be kind to everyone around as it’s amazing to have brilliant runners up for sure they will add value to a proficient environment where everyone grows with kindness.


There are countless old sayings, referring to karma that meaning whatever & however your past deeds & present doings are inclined your future will compass those by all means.
Such norms when brought to practicality were taken as absurd & impractical but then after compiling the historic facts and modern life evaluation is was certainly observed that good or bad deed or acts of every individual has feasible & definite repercussions on micro & macro level.
In business & professional life-impacting of karma is also very important, henceforth to watch and do what is righteous & produce a society that keeps up the humble happenings for everyone.

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