8 Great Getaways & Day Trips – Where can you go, if you need to just get away, but not too far away!

For any city to be great a city must be offering the close getaways of the city but not very places that can be visited within a day trip here is our list for 8 amazing places for an exciting one-day getaway.

1 Khewra Salt mines: are indeed worth spending a quality time with your family & friends it distanced at 245 kilometres from Lahore & is certainly worth spending the time. The mines are ideally appropriate in temperature from inside in all weathers this makes these salt mines a wonderful place for a day spend in all seasons.

2. Neela wahn Ponds: Located to near Kallar Kahaar, 267.7 km via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway/M-2 being at the proximity to the kallar kahaar this place is a perfect place for water fun in summers & ideal for a one-day trip Some cool & memorable natural water fall fun is waiting for you. Swimming & all water sorts of water sports can be experienced while having wonderful weather alongside dropping into the adventure from the cliff.

3. Soon Sakesar: Located near Nowshera, this place is distanced from Lahore: 320 km & it take approx. 6 hours & 40 min to reach this beautiful valley it has amazing cinematic views along with an amazing weather if planned correctly an ideal one-day trip can be made to this great getaway tour. With pleasing sights & soothing views.

4. Khanpur Dam: Apart from being furthest from the Lahore city 7 hours is the minimum time to this destination from Lahore. Still being located at such distance, if somebody ask that is this worth it so the answer is yes indeed Khanpur Dam offers a very diverse water sport activities that are not offered by any other destination within the day reach. Activities like, paragliding, cliff jumping, fun boating, paint balls, rock climbing all can be experienced here.

5. Rana Resorts & Safari Park: Located @ Bhai Pheru – Head Balloki Road near Lahore, Rana Resorts is great entertainment with swimming pool, hunting options, fishing, horse riding. established in 2007. It is a definite entertaining & a truly secure safari park with amazing facilities protecting the decreasingly endangered WILD LIFE species was also one big cause this park was built.

6.Hiran Minar: Jahangir the Mughal emperor built Hiran Minar, which means ‘Deer Tower’ it was built for a hunting retreat in Sheikhupura which is distanced from 40 km from Lahore the city of Gardens. An iconic 30-meter high tower was built. In a royal fashion, a hunting pavilion called ‘baradari’ was made at the center of an enormous water tank right in front of the tower. Now this is an historic structure but it offers amazing views for the pictures to shoot for all the visitor near Lahore.

7. Harappa: The remains & ruins of one of the oldest civilizations known to mankind the archaeological site of Harappa within the Sahiwal city is 170 kilometres away from Lahore. Harappa city was discovered in 1826. The day trip to this place can offer the most accredit remains of human civilization alongside with a very health picnic & joyous time with your friends & family.

8. Changa Manga: Changa Manga most famous for being man made forest & thus since it has been made since than this is the most visited place for picnics & family fun time. Distanced at 80 kilometres from the Lahore city. Located in Kasur District, this man-made forest grabs everyone attention as it was planted during the British rule in 1866.
A beautiful lake also adds the beauty of this forest & it is equipped with boating facilities. Attractions like swimming pools, & waterfalls, changa manga has a designated play area for children, with a mini zoo & spectacular wildlife park covers about 40 acres of land. For visitors, a running tram also operates through all major spots inside the park.
All of these spots are just to worth of your time do visit and make memorable getaway memories.

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