By all means real estate has being the dream reality of everyone no mater from which walk of life you are real estate touches your life chords in every possible way.

Now there is a big gap between living in a real estate as anyone & living for real estate as a realtor.
There are more than 15k registered realtors in Lahore & unregistered are estimated over 10k along with seasonal brokers about 5k.

This brings us to the question that how can we find that one realtor who can help us buy an Ideal or profitable property in real estate.

Now here are the super easy ways to get profitable property:

Have a clearest of vision & focused mindset.

Weather investment of purpose of living or moving in that plot, house, apartment, or a commercial property.
One should develop a clarity of why, what & how would I complete the process of buying a property.

Vision behind the WHY should be: I have saved enough amount now so now I should buy a property for investment (Short-term) or (Long-term) or to change my living place.

Purpose Behind What Should be : Which area suits my lifestyle & my budget, after selecting the broadened area in match to your requirements plan a detailed visit to the area & try to get the insights of that locality with optimum details for example how easy is the access to this area, what is the neighborhood like, how may amenities & facilities are within 5 km of the location, how much crowded the location is & in coming 5 years what new projects & landmarks are to be built in the proximity to my selected location.

After doing all of this go for the how-to section.

Executing the How section: this aspect is the most important as this will help you to get the best results, as now your done homework has empowered you to see things in a very different way.

Now research the open market and design a specific query & now through it to all mediums either online property listings along with print media & electronic media available listing, along with most important the telephonic referrals by your social circle.

Than gradually narrow down your search the finest of maximum of 5 properties options. Visit each location and create better analysis after this start negotiating for the best price. Ensure to opt a real estate professional but never reach out uninformed & blank.

Keep a track of the meetings that were held with the realtors & sellers that you have met, henceforth your anticipation is helpful for others as well & help the unprofessional realtor of real estate to be filtered by your research & business maturity.