Our world has so much for the very beginning till now, everything thing of this world had evolved to the elevations & so is the homo sapiens there was a time when a natural selection was being made for leading any community, but as time evolved explorations drove to implications.

By then in the oldest Indus river civilization known to mankind has clear signs of leader that lead their civilization.

From then till now leadership has being the most celebrated & valued skill set in any professional or any community which wants to operate in a collaborative way.
Basic instincts are as follow of a leadership
• Communication. One of the most important skills of a leader is the ability to communicate effectively.
• Awareness. A leader is definitely aware of the past present & futures that is why he initiation & gut feeling are always accredited.
• Honesty/Integrity. The very premium pivotal part of being a leader. Are both of these qualities.
• Relationship Building.they make the relation so easy & effortlessly
• Innovation.Their vision for tomorrow is embraced each day by the fact of always looking to innovate.
Now to Understand the root of Leadership.

An ultimate and finest the accurate & the most marvelous above all humans above all blessing’s IT IS MUHAMMAD SALLAHO ALIHIWASALAM who still & will remain to be undoubtedly the world best leader for all times. Surely there was never & ever will be anyone better leader than HAZOOR-E-AKRAM SALAHAO ALIHIWALAM.
Now by the new modern era a perfect example:
Nelson Mandela we all know how much he is accredited in recent time. Once Mr. Mandela was asked that how come you are always calm & from where you learned the art of being a true leader.

Mr. Mandela took a pause & narrated,

Dear Fellow let me share a story with you all about this, when I was young I was like any one of you vibrant & impatient always looking to do things in quick & reckless fashion, Yet my father was an tribal leader and when ever there was an tribal meeting I used to be with him, after going several times with him on those meeting I noticed one amazing & astonishing fact, which I never did before this time. I notice that my Father used to sit in the middle of all tribal leaders and he always & fore-mostly ensured to listen to every individual with compassion & patience. After every one was finished to what they had to say, my father used to speak last but most effective as often time after listening to every one he had a perfectly addressing note for every one and matter used to solve amicably.

Yes, indeed is not easy to stay hushed & take harshness or even simple comments from all direction and still be humble & patience enough to speak at last.

The World has learnt a lot from Mr. Mandela but for sure the leadership in its best & refined form can only found in city of Medina 1400 hundred years ago world’s first welfare state built by (Prophet Muhammad SAW) than maintained by Khoalfiyeh-e- Rashideen.

Indeed, the world today need the leaders that empower the best of capabilities, & first & foremost learn to talk @ the end so that you ensure that all have been heard.