Like everyone else we all want to get the best high-end life. But when it comes to pick up the phone & start calling at this very moment, we opt the legit or illegit excuse for not doing that or the best we do is call few people & stop after calling few.

In real estate the real money start to come in when you are ready to give up every day to the committed work & that only & foremostly comes from the phone you have calling your clients is the only way out of every Hassel & suffering.

Embrace the facts, equip your self by the best market knowledge, make a mentor whose sales are amazing learn optimum how it is done.
Coming Back to Calling you will get everything by calling and interacting your clients, your associates, your competitors, & your juniors

Lets break the keys down

Calling your clients:
By doing this your will find what your clients need from you what sort of properties what sort of investments & you will get to know what more you have to do for your success. You will also get to know that what you have to talk about when you are calling your associates, your competitors & your Junior.

Calling your associates:
When you call your associates, you will get to the listings and property info where they are standing. You will get the ideas of where the current market is flooding.
Calling your Competitors:
The most critical & tactical calls are these where you have to be very careful as while taking any given information by you can spill water on your on going deals, but remember to call them as they can also spill out some insights and new things that can work for you.

Calling your Juniors:
Indeed what ever you are learning and the closer you get to close your sales, for sure you have a moral responsibility to serve the best possible knowledge to be shared with your juniors, plus they also must have some thing real worth while that can elevate your knowledge & market info.

Conclusive Notes
Under all condition remember to propagate the tireless & never-ending calling attributes to your clients as real estate is all about exploring the optimum audience.
Remember the real money in real estate is made before 9 am & after 5 pm & the definite days are Saturday & Sunday.