Since the first patient of covid-19 to the current world we all live in has changed drastically, from politics to demographics this virus impacted everyone by every possible means. Knowing that it has been a challenging time for all, there are also great progressive things that we all got from this Pandemics.

Working from Home

  • Empty offices and workplaces showed us that every work can be done & executed remotely where this has opened new norms to corporate workings.
  • Fuel savings & reduced travel time, saving on travel costs, conserving bodily energy levels and increasing productivity have been some of the benefits reported by people with a disability
  • Online connectivity became a new norm, as webinars, E-talks, training and conferences, made it easier to be where they want to be virtual.
  • Accommodations will be expected to be more like a commonplace.

Enhancing Telehealth solutions

  • Communication has been the most crucial element of resolving any issue since covid-19 research and rehabilitation was executed within the comfort of a stationed location.
  • Bulk billing, such as online psychology or specialist appointments have also been welcome news
  • No travel & telehealth has enabled important information in an isolated environment, this helped in stopping the spread.
  • With telehealth, immediate advantages are happening in so many ways.

Drive through Medical facilitation & Home visits

  • Provided a cut downtime in medical waiting room germ exposure, which can weaken the immune systems
  • Having a flu shot in your car without entering surgery unit was a bonus.
  • The best health facility was rewarded during COVID19 within the home.

Better Health planning

  • Govt uplifted & co-ordinated better in the match to health needs of people during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • From poor to affluent many states realized the health of every individual is important & must be addressed for improving people’s health.

Easier Shopping and Deliveries

  • Stationed shops also started to grab online portals & online shopping solutions had to offer the best home delivery services.
  • All physical shopping from groceries to sanitizing & cleaning products saved massive shopping time to precise & cost-effective home deliveries.

New learning ways for all

  • Student of all ages was pushed to trace online studying & remote learning.
  • An online presence allows unique flexibility, fewer distractions & lack of travelling time that consumes most of the student time.
  • Less attendance, less travel fewer cloths less food in universities schools and colleges many parents reported that their kids are adapting to the new ways and they are not as tried as they used to be.

More online events and activities

  • All most every retail business from furnishing stores to real estate projects, from Museums to art galleries made it possible for their clients to have an online tour, live-streaming video calls.
  • Virtual events & Religious services were also projected to be online, connecting people be away & yet feel their community

Indeed COVID -19 spread infection, death & chaos but it also came and had given most of us with new IDEAS for humanity & serenity for sure there is & there will be devastation but for sure it has given us hope that we still have to achieve a better world for all of us. Our relations need our time, technology is a tool we must use to resolve our planetary issues, plus learning new skills & uplifting our confidence everything is important, still, people around us are far more important.

Changing the world outside YOU just need to
Change the world inside YOU……!

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