The modern man is always on the move. We are always on our feet looking to achieve something or complete some goal, such as to reach some location or to fulfill some human necessity. This is especially true in Pakistan, where our entire economy is designed around the fact that we are always on our feet. Travelling is our biggest ‘commodity’ (why do you think we have so many rickshaws?), and we love to travel to and from our beloved country.

But sometimes something comes along we goes beyond our need to travel. An event, an occasion where we get collaborate with our neighbors to achieve a common goal; in this case, it is the Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad Railway, the result of a beautiful friendship between Turkey, Iran and Pakistan respectively. First launched on 14th August 2009 by the Economic Cooperation Organization on a trial basis, this railway system has been established to bridge the gap between the three countries. The train system is expected to start from 4th March onwards, but this railway collaboration goes far beyond just the three countries.

With this new development, the fantasy for connecting two continents by rail can now be a reality! Previously Europe and Asia were separated by miles of air and water; the only ways to travel were either through airplanes, which can be prohibitively expensive, or by ships, which can be annoyingly long. This new system of travel can open whole new avenues for both continents! Since China has established themselves as the second largest economy, seeing that almost everything is now ‘Made in China’, it makes sense that this brand new transport system can make the international delivery of goods can cheaper and quicker. Travel that used to take 45 days can now take less than 16. All this can lead to a ‘domino effect’ where every other resource is rendered more economical and accessible. An new avenue for prosperity has been opened up, and it is all thanks to the efforts made by Turkey, Iran and our beloved country Pakistan!

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