There are two types of tourists; the ‘classical sightseer’ who goes through every historical site to reminisce about a time gone by and to imagine about a culture in its prime, and the ‘modern enthusiast’, who uses the trip, any trip, as an excuse to go on a shopping spree. These two definitions are relevant, since they also apply to the resident(s) of the area. They too are humans of curiosity, susceptible to boredom from the grind of life. From time to time, even residents can feel the need to have a break from the monotony of life; either they can visit a historical monument (which you can read all about here) or just have a night to celebrate the contemporary luxuries. This post is catered towards people in the latter category, ‘the modern enthusiast’.
You will find below our top 4 picks for shopping destinations that are not specifically high-rise commercial buildings, i.e. malls. They are not listed in any particular order, and all of them ‘family-friendly’:

  • MM Alam Road
    Short for Muhammad Mahmood Alam Road in honor of the late fighter pilot, this ‘road’ is a popular destination among youth and adults alike. It is a well-known and shopping destination containing many a restaurant, boutique, saloon and market. An oft-visited location by both eligible bachelors and families, this road is a commemoration to Pakistan’s willingness towards capitalism.
    You can find the directions to this road by clicking on this link.
  • DHA Commercial Areas (H, Y & Z blocks)
    The name ‘Defense Housing Authority’ is synonymous the terms comfort and affordable, but one of the things the society is known for is their commercial areas. The markets specialize in providing anyone from all walks of life to moments of luxury and accessibility, giving the experience of elites to those less fortunate. Multiple DHA phases have their own dedicated commercial areas with varying levels of popularity, but the three most well-known areas are H-Block, Y-Block and Z-Block, each with their own features and amenities. For example, H-Block has the National Hospital, Y-Block has Sheeba Park with a McDonald’s restaurant in the corner and Z-Block has the Defense Public Library.
    You can click on the links to find for the above-mentioned locations for H-BlockY-Block and Z-Block.
  • Model Town Link Road
    Also known as simply Link Road, this is a commercial hub in the same vein as MM Alam Road; both serve as a leading destination to branches of multiple shops and restaurants. Link Road is also home to two high-rise shopping plazas; Amanah Mall, found closer to the Peco Road intersection (and ironically with its own McDonald’s branch), and Pace shopping mall, located just behind Metro Cash & Carry. Should you decide to travel further down this road, you can end up at the Model Town Park, the society’s premier destination for public frolicking and home to its own set of commercial properties on its perimeter.
    If you feel taking a trip to this location, you can simply click this link to get access to the directions.
  • Fortress Stadium
    This place is a bit of misnomer since it implies that is just a stadium, however it is more so than that. Like all the examples listed above, Fortress Stadium is large commercial hub that surrounds the namesake. Besides the usual boutiques and restaurants, the place also has its own supermarket (Carrefour), mall (Fortress Square Mall), amusement park (Sinbad Wonderland), and even a dedicated cinema (Sozo World Cinema). However, the main attraction of this location is its namesake; Fortress Stadium, which is the site for one of the most famous festivals in Lahore, the National Horse and Cattle Show. The stadium has also become the venue for a variety of other events over the years.
    By clicking on this link, you can find the directions to this destination.

These are just a sampling of the many, MANY places you travel to for a shopping spree; some of them cater towards a specific crowd and most of them are not as well-known or common. We suggest that you follow our blog for any upcoming features and exciting articles, or you can catch up on real-estate news that are updated regularly on our website.

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