There are two types of tourists; the ‘classical sightseer’ who goes through every historical site to reminisce about a time gone by and to imagine about a culture in its prime, and the ‘modern enthusiast’, who uses the trip, any trip, as an excuse to go on a shopping spree. Some like to take the time to explore the and see where they journey takes them; the open market environment is an experience in itself. Others like the convenience, the instant access to shops and franchises that they KNOW will be present in their location; plus they also like the comfy atmosphere and the all-important air conditioner on full blast.

You will find below our top 4 picks for shopping malls known for their recognizability and wholesome offerings. They are not listed in any particular order.

Emporium Mall

Located in Johar Town, this mall is billed as the second largest shopping mall just behind Lucky One Mall in Karachi. This mall is also renowned for being managed by the Nishat Group, a conglomerate also known for running Nishat Linen and MCB bank. With a name like that attached to the project, Emporium Mall has proven itself to quite the attraction for customers to enjoy a night either alone or in a group. The mall is also known for housing more than 200+ local and international stores, likely attributing their presence to the location’s large size and community outreach. Besides the usual fare, it also has its own cinema for viewing blockbuster movies to the public as well as a ‘trampoline park’ by the name of ‘Bounce!’ where children and adults alike can leap and jump to their hearts content.

You can find out more about Emporium Mall and their offerings by clicking on this link.

Mall of Lahore

Found in the half-way point between Fortress Stadium and the Army Museum, the Mall of Lahore is a major shopping set-piece in Lahore Cantt. (besides Fortress Mall, that is). This mall was spearheaded by Bahria, a housing estate owned by Bahria Town Group. One distinguishing feature for this mall is that the top half of the building also serves as an apartment complex, making this building a one-stop living and shopping destination! While this mall is comparatively smaller than the other listed examples, it still has a variety of shops for customers to browse through. It even has its own food court on the topmost floor, with a nearby entertainment center for children to enjoy!

You can find out more about Mall of Lahore by clicking on this link.

Packages Mall

Packages Mall is found on Walton Road, just outside of DHA. It shares many similarities with Emporium Mall; the mall is enormous to accommodate as many customers as possible, contains a dedicated food court on one end of the mall as well as a Carrefour supermarket branch. The mall is also known for its giant parking space. Fun fact; Packages Mall is one of the few places in Lahore where you can buy a genuine skateboard.

You can find out more about Packages Mall by clicking on this link.

Avenue Mall

Out of all the listings here, Avenue Mall is the most recently constructed. This mall is the latest project of the Farooq Group of Companies, which is also known for developing the Akhtar Saeed Medical & Dental College. While it does not have much to offer (yet), mostly due to unforeseen circumstances, this mall is notable for its quick establishment with the many businesses within its walls. Located just a few minutes away from Bhatta Chowk, Avenue Mall is slowly establishing itself as another wholesome outlet for the entire family.

You can find out more about Avenue Mall by clicking on this link.

It is understandably hard to imagine taking a trip anywhere in these trying times; it is difficult to survive in a world where people are still struggling to grasp the complexities brought out by the lockdowns and intense government oversight. But social interaction is important; it helps to maintain sanity and alleviate any anxiety a person might have. As long as you follow the guidelines and SOPs, carefully and properly, you can have a good time even in this restricted fashion.

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