(originally posted on 23rd March, 2021)

On this day, most glorious
Where an event occurred meritorious
An occasion quite victorious
We stood resolute

Our founding fathers stood tall
They had the collective gall
To make a stance not to fall,
An idea of independence took root

A constitutional decision, essential
To help all Muslims rise to their potential
A movement for integrity, sweeping torrential
Unique, singular, strong and absolute

No more unfairness towards difference
No treating identity with ignorance
No leaving justice to happenstance
Equality and protection, the fundamental institutes

Their voices rose, increasing
Their demand, simple yet unceasing
Their plan coming together, piecing
The enemies response, “No longer can we refute.”

Dissents arose, but to no avail
The Muslims’ will bruised, but not frail
They held out hope, their holy grail
Until finally, no longer were they destitute

Twenty-third March, from forty to fifty-six
On this day, a foundation set with bricks
With foreshadowing glory, our legacy affix
This glorious day towards Independence took fruit

We thank the Fathers of this great Nation
We thank our ancestors for their difficult migration
We thank the blood for their dedication
To Resolution and Republic; our never-ending repute!