In surge to the topic of investment, we can start by the etymology of the word invest was tailored from Latin verb investire means to clothe your body back in the 16th century, the financial inception of this word also came from Latin, but when it tugged in English via the Italian language it was furnished as invest by the earlier span of 17th century.

From this time to the modern present world, mankind has achieved the most prolific exuberance in every possible field, from the deck of social & financial well-being a simple common man is living a better life than the kings of our past.
For sure we all know these accredited facts that if there is something truly worth of everything around us than it is simply our own being, feeble when born & capable when grown. Our creation is on the principle of self-awareness, still every day we better & strong narratives to justify our failures & falls & we all get away with a notion of luck, fortune or well it was not for me.

the real problem lies within, there wasn’t & there will never be any solution outside, Halt everything for few moments….! & Ask your self
till when I will keep on lurking to your past, yourself, your goals, your life, every being is a marvellous creation YOU just have to
Rise up to be the finest of your own being, ask you self how I can become what I want to become……!

So invest in your thoughts to enable amazing new dreams with new ideas,
invest in your body with best health & fitness goals.
invest in your enthusiasm,& cast a story of never given up.
invest in emotions, & prevail love & compassion for people around you.
invest in your today, so that you will see the shine in every tomorrow.
Celebrate & cherish your being as you are 1 of greatest possibility out of all those who couldn’t fertilize.

invest in yourself……!
stay tuned for more like these.