Lahore the city of Gardens has always enticed & offered widened, unique real estate living of homes, plots & apartments livings for sale. Now as new trend is hailing up of the luxurious farmhouse living which is now booming as the metropolis of grand Lahore is increasing with overcrowd & pollution’s of all types, henceforth not only in-terms of better investment the farmhouse living as an edge for being far more peaceful & calm environment. So if you’re looking invest in a high end stable returns on investment plus serenity with a multi-purpose property in the city – a safe & healthy farmhouse luxury is a don’t miss….! Here is why
let’s dive in the vicinities
Farmhouses are mostly built in the outskirt’s areas. Now a look over among few most famous areas to make an invest in a luxury farmhouse living.
Barki Road Lahore.
Bedian Road Lahore.
Raiwand Road Lahore.
FerozPur Road Lahore.
Now we will go to the insights of these amazing areas of Lahore in regards to Farmhouse living.


Ideally located within the charismatic highly developed DHA phase 8 6 & Phase 7, convenient connectivity with the intercity, Airport, along with the grandest Ring road of Lahore. Barki has all the grace & pride for being the defending line as evident by war history of Pakistan. LSE main campus is also situated here & along with this Barki is the only straight line route from the start of Lahore and till the end. Now Barki hosts the most lucrative & luxurious farmhouse communities. The first in the is the liveliest Chaudary Farms a project initiated by SARFRAZ HAMID PROPERTIES which is already sold out & more than 30 resident families are living. Next comes the IVY Farmz a jubilant farmhouse land where its nurturing nature green belts carpeted roads street lights, electricity & 24/7 safety and security of your family, highly investable farmhouse project. ZARAK FARMS comes last among the farmhouse communities but it one of most precious & right on the main barki road with all basic & amazing amenities on barki with unmatched affordability & most prime location.

FARMERS, AM FARMS & COUNTRY FARMS are few more farmhouse communities located on barki.


Vicinity of bedian is second best in regards to the farmhouse living as there are more than 10 farmhouse communities here, close proximity Rangers Headquarters & gradually the open land & community farmhouse living is increasing on this road, with easy access Lahore cantt and DHA phase 7 barki also has far reached but manageable movement. Due to the dense rural population & road being narrow the mobility is a bit difficult.

Still Good suitable farmhouse communities are present here as follow : Spring Farms Midland farms & LahoreGreenz alongside the most superlative and with easy reach lies Orchard Farms holding best infrastructure & smooth and easy access along all amazing amenities with best rates per kanal.


Being located on the junction of most crowded city transit raiwand roads hold grand and massive farmhouse of the elite, all of these farmhouses is owned & built by affluent individuals. Small & medium neighboring towns are adjacent to mostly all of these luxury farmhouses and, countless housing communities making this vicinity much more crowded and less likely to make a pure peaceful farmhouse community.


Lahore grand truck road holds the most massive transit this road connects Lahore with most of its main & core areas, coming back to the Farmhouse living yes indeed many rich brats have their personalized farmhouses on the outer & deeper lines of Ferozepur road one can find many extensive community living along with all sorts of residential & commercial properties.
But again in regards to the farmhouse living most far & deep routed open land options are also noisy & polluted.