Circumstantial Backyard:

Karachi a historic city that holds the kingship of the Arabian sea for over two centuries this city offered lucrative life for its residents with a massive shoreline Karachi has held great life for whoever worked hard as most prominent & eminent names in every walk of life made their marks in this humongous city. Over the last 3 decades, the city infrastructure was systematically ruined by political regimes the massive influx of population from all across Pakistan came to this city yet development & infrastructural projects were just made in discussions and the masses of the city kept quiet while everything was falling apart.

Tactical planning & execution:

Now after every move and governing mechanism has collapsed every stakeholder seems to be holding a much-needed serious stance for the Future of this amazing city. A research initiative and tech-oriented is now aiming to comprehend all social and economic problems of Karachi within a deeper sense qualitative & quantitative respectively. This designated platform is currently working on aspects that impact the atmosphere, greenhouse effect green cover & spaces, temperature of the land surface, urban heat island (UHI) effect, and urban building planning, this all will help analyze Karachi in a better way.
In the world we are living today, it is all that we gather from our data & metrics, only then accurate meticulous actions and predetermined planning & executions can be initiated.
“Living in an era where huge corporations are paying a lot of money to be more thoughtful in regards to their consumer. Now the combination of this tool & technological research will help all to develop a detailing & better compliance for governing entities, private corporations, and other social & financial institutes to design & build a progressive plan that meets & exceed the residents of Karachi in best possible way.
This platform will fill the gaps in the data accessible on Karachi. As followings:
1. Air Quality Index (AQI), where the Future will have updated data on AQI,
2. live green vegetation, urban build-up, UHI effect.
Definitely, this all is based upon a long-term vision, that all insights & data on Karachi will be gathered for the betterment of this city. Utilization of open data and open technology this research platform will eventually organize update all historical data on 130 data points and metrics.
Plans to resolve Karachi’s problems by digital mapping technological tracking will allow a set of tools along with apps that play a pivotal role in this platform.

As Karachi stands out to be the most fast-paced city in terms population, it seems inevitable to get refined & advanced measures to enable clean air, clean water & a clean lifestyle for its resident’s.

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