Pakistan a diverse country enlisted among top in emerging markets in Asia, is facing a backlog of 10-11.5 million houses. To address this important issue in Pakistan, Prime minister had a clear vision of taking such progressive initiative of providing an affordable housing to the people.

In this regard, in these following regions are chosen for NAYA PAKISTAN HOUSING SCHEME:

  • Punjab.
  • Sindh.
  • Baluchistan.
  • Gilgit Baltistan.
  • Azad Kashmir.

Circumstantial ground

Formation of such massive step requires massive planning, along with addressing the shortage of housing feasible low cost & revival of the constructional industry of Pakistan was also needed, An efficient housing taskforce has been setup to resolve all issues related to development & progress of this project professionals from all sectors of real estate & construction are part of this taskforce, induction of affordable housing and slums regeneration experts is also there to smooth out all processes of this project.

PM Vision FOR Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

A vision of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is embedded on the naya Pakistan concept where every Pakistani seek better living & a better living for the common man of Pakistan.This is start of a new beginning where a state owns the needs & requirements of its residents.

Merits of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Few mentionable advantages of NPHS:

  • It will reduce the friction of all the struggles of the most suppressed segment of our society a pleasing blessing of having a tangible asset will bring great changes in millions of people.
  • A clear sense of security and safety will prevail among the people that lived in a course of
  • The affordability of this scheme has been amazingly low, this triggers much safe opportunities for the lower sections of our society.
  • A great scenario of empowerment in the society will also be built on completion of this project.
  • All checks of locality, development & security are free from any fraud or any scam, as a great level of standardization has been ensured in all phases of this project by government of Pakistan.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • CNIC or prove of residents must be given with respective residence in the province must be attached with application. First preference will be given to residents of that district will be given.
  • No property all over Pakistan must be under the applicant name.
  • Applicant has to live in the house he/she applied, moreover selling of that house before 05 years will not be allowed.
  • A clear government quota is reserved for government/police/army officials (injured or martyred during duty) then there is a quota for disabled reserved for general public.

Offered facilities in NPHS

  • Sewerage
  • Electricity
  • Security System
  • Commercial Area
  • Fibre Optic Internet.
  • Roads
  • Water Supply
  • Parks
  • Community Centre
  • Mosques
  • Educational institute


NEW Regulations for financing Builders by SBP

All builders who want to take part of work in the Naya Pakistan Housing Authority, then following terms and conditions.

Eligibility Standards

  • All valid licenses & professional certification of the enterprise & individuals important team members must be possess
  • A feasible experience of at-least 3 years’ experience with good track record.
  • All sorts of clear and marketable entitlement of land, none or null encumbrances, no litigation or any legal charges on the working field.

Documental duplicates required when submitting the application

  • Certificate of the registration (firm/company)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association/Partnership Deed/Business Charter (in case of Sole Proprietorship)
  • Enlisting & detailing of the all technical staff
  • Authentications & certifications from Pakistan Engineering Council
  • Brief description of completed projects, along the photo copies of Completion Certificates by concerned authorities
  • Any other document(s) required by the bank/DFI

Relating documentation to Financial assistance

Banks/Financial Institute may acquire following documents from Builders/Developers:

  • 3 years’ financial statements duly signed & audited by a valid practicing Chartered Accountant or Cost and Management Accountant.
    if the exposure of a banks/financial institute does not exceed Rs.100 million, then for analysis and record purposes additional documents can be acquired.

Financial Policy

  • The initial approvals were to fit the financing amount of 100 million up to 500 million by all means it is obligatory get all financial statements to be audited by SBP & then a final approval will be done. 

Following provincial housing initiatives.


Initially Low-Cost Housing Projects in eight cities. Okara, Lodhran, Bahawalnagar, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Chistian, Chiniot and Jhelum


The process of identification of land is in the process along with acquisition process for the NPHS


The housing scheme is under procedural progress in the Sindh province.

Baluchistan and Gilgit/Baltistan

Provincial government is looking to setup for NPHS, yet few housing low cost projects have been announced.

Capital Territory

A new housing project in Islamabad for Govt employees is recently announced.

In match to PM decision Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation launched the scheme under a joint venture duly approved by Federal Government this will facilitate around 150,000 Federal Government Employees.

Moreover new & progress low cost housing schemes are under planning to facilitate maximum people in the twin cities vicinity.


Conclusive notes

We hope that by this content optimum understandings for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and you have got all important highlights of this project.

There is no doubt, this scheme will uplift the weaker & deprived section of our society & now getting a brand-new home is now for above mentioned sectors.